The Cabri G2 is available for long-term lease for those located in South-East England.


The Cabri G2 is the latest generation two-seat training helicopter that incorporates all the latest manufacturing materials and design technology to improve flight safety and deliver an incredibly stable ride, making it perfect for learning to fly. The cockpit is spacious, with digital cockpit screens and a touch-screen GPS. The aircraft will comfortably cruise at 80kt (with a max speed of 130kt) boasting good fuel efficiency and a considerable sized baggage bay along with its 170 litre fuel tank.

The Cabri is the future of economic flight training, and with its 3-bladed fully articulated rotor system, advanced avionics and centrally located cyclic stick, it’s perfect for those who haven’t flown before and especially those who plan to convert to larger helicopters later on in a flying career.

We have a variety of aircraft available for long term lease, ideal for flight schools needing an additional asset to their training fleet.

Leasing with ICE couldn’t be easier – after you have met with our team to discuss your requirements, we will come up with a monthly agreement to suit your needs.

Please note we require a minimum of 35 hours per month for long-term lease contracts.


For short or long term dry-hire lease options, please get in touch.