In celebration of what we think is one of the best days of the year – National Checklist Day - it is important to approach the hot topic trending within lifestyle and well-being that is GRATITUDE.

The craze that is gratitude is filling up our Instagram feeds and the lifestyle sections of national publications.

What is gratitude and what does it have to do with checklists?

Well, the popular phenomenon that is rooted within social psychological theory has justifiably swept the public’s attention. Extensive research suggests that in fact, writing down a couple of things that we are grateful for, on a regular basis, can open our eyes to the world in a beneficial way, encouraging a more positive perspective. There are many physical and mental health benefits which have been linked to increased gratitude, partly due to its protective factors, which help us lead a happier lifestyle. This is beginning to influence mainstream therapy practice demonstrating how the principle behind gratitude can be considered highly effective.

Let us give you an example. We often find ourselves complaining about the little things in life, a late train, a rainy morning or a mountain of work. However, training ourselves to notice the positives can make all the difference. You start to notice the seat you managed to get, the relaxing sound the rain makes as you sip your cup of tea and the accomplishment you feel after finishing a piece of work - even the fact that you have work that you care enough to worry over! Having a focus and routine of noting down the things you are grateful for each day can create this healthier outlook on life that ourselves and many experts in the well-being industry vouch for.


Gratitude is a complex emotion that is often forgotten about. Arguably, an appreciative mind-set should be a goal when talking about personal growth and development. It helps diminish the mundane worries of daily life by choosing to swap them for healthier alternatives.

If you are a long-term lover of gratitude journals or a newbie to this ever-expanding movement, it is important to remember that there is no one way to go about this process. Whether it be jotting down your items as they happen or writing your list before bed, let your routine and lifestyle guide your journaling. What’s important is that you notice even the smallest CHANGE, in the way you approach and think about your life.

All this because of a little ‘checklist’. Doesn’t sound too hard for a little extra happiness?

To get yourself started we recommend you’ll need:

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·         Metallic Clip Pen – Silver

Eve Goldman