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VIP Valentine’s Day Experience


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This Valentine’s Day Experience includes an entire day of luxury perfect for any couple wanting to spend the day with their head in the clouds.

The VIP Experience will begin with a romantic roses and champagne reception at our gorgeous Elstree Aerodrome in the heart of the British countryside. After taking in the beautiful views of the Hertfordshire landscape, you’ll both be treated to a trip in the sky which is sure to make you both starry-eyed! One of our brilliant instructors will show you the ropes and you’ll spend an hour flying above the breath-taking countryside of Hertfordshire in our fantastic Robinson R44 helicopter – the ultimate dream date!

After your time high in the sky you hopefully won’t be too sad to come back to earth as we’ll be welcoming you back to the Aerodrome with an indulgent full Valentine’s Day lunch. You’ll be spending some relaxed time with your loved one enjoying some delicious food in a whole VIP suite all to yourselves, while admiring the spectacular view across the entire airfield.

Our VIP Experience is an indulgent treat for two which you will definitely not want to miss.