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Two New Robinson R44 Groups – Elstree (EGTR)

Two separate Groups have been formed to benefit from the shared cost of ownership of the 2021 delivery of two additional R44 Cadet Helicopters from the Robinson Helicopter Company.

The R44 Cadet provides the comfort and flight envelope margins of all R44 helicopters but benefits from a reduced operating cost due to both the extended TBO of 2400 hours and the lower helicopter purchase cost.

The Groups are managed by ICE Helicopters who will acquire ¼ share in each and will agree to buy a minimum of 100 hours a year on each aircraft, with all Group members paying the same ‘wet’ rate and taking advantage of a reduced insurance cost, shared fixed costs and predictable running costs.

New R44 Cadet 8-Hole Panel with Aspen EFD1000H Pilot

As part of a two-year plan to add 8 R44 Cadets in total to the ICE Helicopters fleet, these brand-new helicopters are equipped with the latest Robinson 2021 innovations and include glass cockpits and air conditioning.

Hangarage is at the ICE FBO with 24/7 key card access, reduced Elstree landing fees and special rates for proficiency checks and type ratings with our staff examiners.

There are a total of three ¼ shares from the first two machines with an equity cost equal exactly to the cost of the share of each helicopter and a modest monthly fixed cost.

With a ¼ share costing £79K per share (currently based on £/$= 1.39) these new Groups bring helicopter ownership much closer and more accessible; with the guaranteed usage and management by ICE Helicopters, it’s a hassle free and fixed cost way to enjoy the familiarity of your own helicopter without the costs associated with sole ownership.

Please note that colours shown are used as an example and will be subject to change.